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Want to know a secret? Lots of rich, famous and wealthy people own luxury vacation homes, private jets and yachts- with others! Fractionally! Why? Even though they can easily afford to own by themselves, it makes sense to only pay for what they use. That’s why they’re rich! And now, you can own your share of a Luxury Las Vegas vacation home, too.

Hi- I’m Bob Sluys of Las Vegas Luxury Investments, and together with our team of professionals, I can share with you how to own your slice of the pie and even share your dream of luxury vacation home ownership with your family and friends. Wait a minute Bob- when I come to Vegas, I want to stay in a suite on the Strip and soak up all of the glitz and glamour of Sin City! And to that I say: “Of course you do-after all, it’s Vegas!”

But . . . what if you stayed in a luxury multi-million dollar estate situated on a golf course enjoying stunning Las Vegas strip views while relaxing in a gorgeous spa- that you OWN! And the best part is that you didn’t pay a couple million dollars for it! You didn’t even pay a million! In fact, you received all of these benefits, and more, for pennies on the dollar.


Las Vegas As You Want It

It's True! Dreams Really Do Come True

Wonderfully Inspired Living


Magical Nevada

With Las Vegas Luxury Investments,

you can now own a long-term,

appreciating asset that is fully

transferable without the full cost of

ownership, maintenance headaches,

or worries of renting your unused

time to offset the expense. You may

even be entitled to tax benefits and

access your 401K funds to help with

your purchase.


Fun Activities

Lake Mead Waterskiing
Living in the desert means dealing with the heat. In Las Vegas we have many ways to do that. The best of which include boating and swimming in Lake Mead.
Cool Fun!
Mt. Charleston Camping
A trip Mt. Charleston is barely an hour from Las Vegas and affords a wonder respite from the hot sun. Hiking, Camping and Skiing are mere minutes away.
Getting High In Vegas
Colorado River Kayaking
Just south and east of the Las Vegas valley is the cool and clear Colorado River. The river affords beaches, swimming and recreation at many points.
Outdoor Water Recreation
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Las Vegas, NV 89123

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